ATOP Outdoors would like to take the opportunity to introduce the personnel of our organization to you. Shane Campbell is certified as an Assistive Technology Professional, ATP, by RESNA and has been providing adaptive equipment to clients of all ages for many years.

The ATP certification is a clear way to identify professionals who have expertise in helping people with disabilities select the proper assistive technology that meets their needs, such as persons in need of wheelchairs, access to computers, aids for communications, etc. The ATP Certification recognizes professionals who have reached an internationally accepted standard of knowledge in assistive technology, promoting RESNA's code of ethics and highest ethical standards.
Meet our Founders
Why is the ATP Certification Important?

Shane has taken his knowledge and expertise to the Great Outdoors, in creating a non for profit organization called "ATOP" or  Assistive Technology Outdoors Professionals. He specializes in adaptive equipment to enable those with disabilities, diseases or spinal cord injuries to access the outdoors in sports and recreation. It is his privilege to serve and educate any who desire to take the challenge, overcome their obstacles, resume life and live it. 

It is ATOP's desire to come along side other great organizations, youth, wounded warrior veterans, or any individuals by providing them with adaptive equipment for sporting and recreational adventures. Adaptive equipment is very costly and ATOP will have an arsenal of equipment along with their knowledge and expertise to come along side and help individuals with their adaptive needs. If you do not have the equipment give us a chance to see if we can be of help and let's take it to the outdoors together!

Shane Campbell grew up in Southwest Missouri where he was active in Sports, Hunting, and Fishing....

Let's Take it to the Outdoors, Together!

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