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Atop Outdoors would like to thank Grooms Office Environments for their generous support for this years Adaptive Water Ski Clinic    

Adaptive Recreational Sports Program

Adaptive Water Ski Program

ATOP Sled Dog Practice
Saturday  Mar. 16th 3:30-5pm
ATOP Youth Turkey Hunt

ATOP Veteran Turkey Hunt

ATOP Sled Dogs  Jordan Valley Ice Park Free Skate Feb.9th   2:45-3:45pm

Atop Sled Dogs Practice Feb. 16th 4:30-6pm

ATOP's Sled Hockey Program has been recognized by USA Hockey for their Sled Hockey program in southwest MO. 

GARFIELD PELLHUM has excepted ATOP's invite for our 3rd annual Bear Hunt in Canada. We are ready to go!! Congratulations Garfield



Adaptive Hunting Program

On the court, on the road, and on the track! Click for more details!
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It is our desire to come along side other great organizations, youth, wounded warrior veterans, or any individuals by providing them with adaptive equipment for sporting and recreational adventures. Adaptive equipment is very costly and ATOP will have an arsenal of equipment and professional expertise to come along side and aid individuals with their adaptive needs. If you do not have the equipment, give us a call to see if we can be of help and let’s take it to the outdoors, together!

Don't let your disability define your ability! Let's take it to the outdoors! Click for more details!
Life doesn't stop! When was the last time you were on the lake? Click to see more about ATOP's USA Water Ski sanctioned Water Ski Clinic